What does the mirror tell you?

Jean Sylvester finds herself at odds with the world, but when she moves house she feels more detached than ever from her uptight mother, distant father and attention-seeking sister. She doesn’t share their interest in the cold, cavernous home, nor her poky attic bedroom. But someone else does.

Leon Mason is a boy whose model looks have won him popularity, the prettiest girl in the class and a bright future; a boy who seems to have everything. When Leon takes an unlikely interest in Jean, she decides to find out why.Jean discovers that Leon’s everything is dependent on one thing alone: a mirror. A seemingly ordinary-looking mirror that hangs in her bathroom.

Do you dare look yourself in the eye?

At a glance, it’s small and chipped with no apparent value; and it tells her what she already knows – she’s a plain, irritable, fifteen-year-old. So why does it mean so much to him?

And you thought being two-faced was bad...

On turning the mirror over she finds another looking glass. She sees why Leon wants it so badly: she sees happy families and re-found friendships, love and life. She sees a place where things could be different, better, brighter. If she looks even closer, she can already see herself there. It's all within reach.

But this reflection comes at a price.

The mirror never lies, right? Right?...

Sorry. No vampires or wherewolves.
Real life's scary enough.

a little romancy


deep & meaningful

worlds apart

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